New York Yankees Should Target a Corner Infielder at MLB Trade Deadline

By Christopher Gamble
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


July is here and the MLB trade deadline is quickly approaching. Right now, the New York Yankees are 44-39 in fourth place in the AL East but just six games out of first place. In the last two games they have cut 10 runs off of their run differential to bring it to -6 as they have outscored the Minnesota Twins 17-7 in the last two games. However, the Yankees still need help on offense and GM Brian Cashman will have to go out and get it.

The Yankees are without Mark Teixeira for the entire year and there is no telling what Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter will offer if and when they return. If Teixeira and Granderson have taught the Yankees anything it is that they can’t put their faith in the returning injured.

A right-handed corner infielder is high on the Yankees list of needs. Lyle Overbay has hit .240/.282/.428 this season with nine home runs and 34 RBI but is hitting just .195/.232/.312 against lefties. Against right-handed pitchers, Overbay has fared much better, hitting .260/.304/.480 so getting a bat to platoon with Overbay at first would be a step in the right direction. There are several options that could find themselves available but Michael Young and Michael Morse are probably the two best players who will be on the market. Young can play first and third while Morse can play first and the outfield. Each has their benefits and both would fit in well. Morse has a lot more power while Young might be able to fit into a rotation better and hits for average.

The big plus with Young is he can hit for average and can play third base, something the Yankees might need as Rodriguez is likely to spend a lot of time at DH as he recovers from his second hip surgery. Young, 36, is a free agent at the end of the year, just like Morse. He is hitting .290/.346/.410 this season for the Philadelphia Phillies with five home runs and 21 RBI. The seven-time All-Star would be able to form a nice rotation with Overbay, Travis Hafner and Rodriguez at first, third and DH.

The only question is, will the Phillies become sellers before the deadline? They currently sit at 40-44, 9.5 games out of first in the NL East but so far have not indicated a true desire to be sellers. If the Phillies decide to be sellers then it shouldn’t take much in terms of prospects to get Young. Right now, given the needs Young makes the most sense for the Yankees.


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