Texas Rangers Hope For Low Risk, High Reward With Manny Ramirez

By Dan Parzych
Manny Ramirez
(Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

Here’s a headline that nobody could have expected before the 4th of July officially gets under way–the Texas Rangers have signed Manny Ramirez to a minor league deal.

Ramirez will report to the Round Rock Express on Wednesday as he looks to revive his MLB career that has been nothing but a joke over the last couple of seasons. Last season, Ramirez signed with the Oakland Athletics, but the fact that he couldn’t even make it with one of their minor league teams shows how ineffective he is at this point in his career.

With this in mind, why on earth would the Rangers even consider giving Ramirez a shot?

At this point, this move is a low risk by Texas in which they hope Ramirez still has some juice (no steroid pun joke intended) left in him to make some sort of contribution to the Rangers this season. However, Ramirez is still a long way away before the possibility of him coming back up to the big leagues even comes into question–so it’s one of those situations where we will just have to wait out and see what happens.

Who knows–maybe things will work out with Ramirez and the Round Rock Express where the Rangers would be willing to give him one final shot. Even if he is 41-years-old, anything is possible when it comes to sports–so it will be interesting to keep an eye on Ramirez over the next couple of days.

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