San Diego Padres, NESN Make Boston Red Sox Games Worse Than Golf

By Aidan Kearney
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Is there any team in MLB you’d like to watch the Boston Red Sox play less than the San Diego Padres? Yes, the Red Sox should sweep this terrible team, but it might be the most boring form of baseball there is.

The Padres are a bad NL team that the Red Sox have no history with. They are geographically as far apart as possible. They are a team with no stars that somehow has a record that continues to hover around .500. That speaks more to the quality of baseball in the NL West than it does about this team though.

Watching these games makes it incredibly hard to be a dedicated baseball fan. Between each pitch is a 30 second open window of time in which Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo talk about what they had for breakfast that day. NESN has found a unique way to make baseball less watchable than golf.

I never thought I’d see the day when I want to watch the Red Sox on FOX, but NESN has brought me to that point. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver might be two of the more disliked commentators in baseball, but at least they talk about baseball! FOX also does a great job of showing highlights and statistics between pitches. They might actually be able to make a Padres game entertaining.

The Padres lineup is unfamiliar to even the most dedicated fantasy geeks. Logan Forsythe, Jesus Guzman, and Will Venable don’t exactly get you excited to go out to the ballpark. When Kyle Blanks leads your team with 32 RBI how can you expect any fans to look forward to watching these games? Hopefully the Red Sox can just sweep this team and be done with them so they can make the push for the AL East title.

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