Colorado Rockies Take Costly Loss With Carlos Gonzalez Injury Despite Victory

By Jim Heath
Coors Field
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies finished up their home stand with a much-needed victory over surging NL West Division rivals Los Angeles Dodgers. When the day started, the Rockies and Dodgers were dead-locked in second place in the division.

Of course, second place in the division is less an indication of success and more a product of fortunate circumstances allowing which ever team the eventual opportunity to step up and claim a division that has spent much of the first half of the season up for grabs.

Watching the series, one could get a sense that they were watching one team on the way up and one who was sliding. Seems logical as the Rockies spent a chunk of the first half in first place in the division, while the Dodgers spent an equal chunk in the cellar of the division. Therefore, the Dodgers see a record just below .500 as a significant improvement, while the Rockies can only see theirs as faltering.

And to their credit, the Rockies have faced injuries. Too much as a matter of fact. Here’s the DL list: Jhoulys Chacin, Jorge De La Rosa, Michael Cuddyer, Troy Tulowitzki, Rafael Betancourt, Dexter Fowler. Thursday night, Carlos Gonzalez left the game with an injury in the fifth inning.

One would think there has to be a point where your shoulders drop and your spirits fade and the only thing you are able to say is, “you’ve got to be kidding me”, plus or minus a probable explicative or two.

But the horizon shows promise, and promise is something long time Rockies followers will quickly take. There is a possibility that the Rockies get Fowler and Tulo back prior to the break.

Knowing that the Rockies should be healthy as a team following the break, one cannot help but speculate. They have survived thus far on fumes in albeit a less than spectacular division, but an MLB division nonetheless.

Which means a first place finish regardless of record secures a team its spot in the playoffs.

And things have got to get better, right? I mean seriously, if there is an MLB season in recent memory with more hard luck than that of this year’s group, I find myself more than curious to know who it is.

The Rockies now leave the confines of friendly Coors Field for a 10 game road trip prior to the break.

I would call success borderline mandatory, but I hate to state the obvious.

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