Could Tim Hudson Join The Boston Red Sox?

By Shaun P Kernahan
Tim Hudson
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Braves just might be getting ready to deal veteran pitcher Tim Hudson, and the Boston Red Sox could end up being Hudson’s landing spot.

Let me start by highlighting some signs that Hudson might be on the block, beyond the fact that the great Peter Gammons has reported the possibility. The Braves have pushed Hudson’s start back a day, from Friday to Saturday, opening up the possibility to move him today. Also, the Braves have six viable starters once Brandon Beachy comes off the DL, which could be as early as next week. The Braves could really use another arm in the bullpen and/or corner infield depth player

Hudson has not had a great year thus far, a 4-7 record with an ERA of 4.22, but his WHIP of 1.21 would be third best among Red Sox starters. He could also be an excellent fourth or fifth starter that eats up quality innings as we approach the dog days of summer.

The Chicago Cubs Matt Garza is still the prize pitcher leading up to the deadline, but the relatively cheap expected asking price on Hudson could make him a good deal for the Red Sox. There is also belief that the Cubs may wait until closer to the deadline to let the offers pile up and encourage a bidding war, so the extra three-four starts Hudson could give the Red Sox would be a great value.

While news is finally positive when it comes to Clay Buchholz, he still needs to throw from 120 feet before even putting in work on the mound, and with this extended DL stint, he could very well need a rehab assignment before coming back to the Red Sox. So adding a starter now is something the Red Sox really need to do, and a trade of Clayton Mortensen and Brandon Snyder should be more than enough to get Hudson today. Not to mention dealing Snyder would open up a roster spot for the suddenly mashing Will Middlebrooks.

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