Detroit Tigers Begin Critical 4-Game Series With Cleveland Indians

By Brent Smith
Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

Much like global warming, some Detroit Tigers fans don’t want to acknowledge the existence of the Cleveland Indians.

The numbers and the facts don’t matter — they don’t exist and they aren’t a threat. Each summer, you can count on a big series in Cleveland between these two teams and you can count on dramatic late-inning games that leave you with the feeling it is much later in the season than it actually is.

It has been in the Indians’ recent history to be overachievers. August and September have been what bring reality to the Indians of late, but they are hoping that with a more solid roster, a better manager and a little more beer, they can keep those beer goggles on just a little bit longer this season.

The Tigers will be starting Rick Porcello, who is still waiting for a final decision on his ridiculous six-game suspension for throwing at Ben Zobrist. Suspension aside, this is a big start for Porcello, who would really like to get the Tigers off on the right foot in a series they would love to get three out of four in, but really need at least a split to get themselves stable heading into the All-Star break.

The Indians will be throwing Justin Masterson, who has been their ace this season, though the Tigers have had more success against him than many other teams have. Still, it will be a tall task heading in as underdogs, but a win tonight could really set the table for a special series for the Tigers.

One thing we know for sure is that it will be a series filled with bullpen drama, offensive frustration and elation, and a drummer that all Tigers fans hope will be silent.

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