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Detroit Tigers Who Should Be In The MLB All-Star Game

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Which Detroit Tigers Should Go To the 2013 All-Star Game?

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There are 10 Detroit Tigers who have a valid argument for making the 2013 MLB All-Star Game. That's a pretty large number and it is probably a little inflated due to the fact that the Tigers' own manager Jim Leyland will be calling the shots as to who makes the roster. There is only one who was voted in by the fans, and that would be Miguel Cabrera and there is only one pitcher who knows his name will be called, and that would be the 13-0 Max Scherzer. Then you get to the real fascinating parts about who will be taken and who will be left out.

You start to look at the deserving, and you realize that some are going to not have enough. Players like Torii Hunter, while hitting .300 for most of the year, just hasn't had the flash to his game that would get him to the game in my opinion. Omar Infante most likely would have slipped in with a shortage of utility players available, but his recent injury likely will cost him that spot. Anibal Sanchez can relate. Then you have Justin Verlander, who no one is going to say has the numbers to validate it ... but it's Justin Verlander. The name carries a lot of weight and he has turned the corner recently -- if it was any other manager you would likely not even list the name, but could Leyland decide to go with his guy? It's possible, but in my mind, I feel like he comes up just short.

So now we are left with five that I believe will make the 2013 MLB All-Star Game in New York this year. four of the names will likely be ones you have guessed by now. But there is one in here you may not have been thinking. Check the slideshow to see if you can guess who that mystery man is.

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Max Scherzer

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There is no doubt that Max Scherzer will be an All-Star and in fact, it would be an outright tragedy if he is not the one who is given the start. At 13-0, Max has proven himself to be the best pitcher in either league for the first half of this season.

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Miguel Cabrera

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Shocker! Miguel Cabrera will be heading to the All-Star game, but what is truly shocking is this will be the first time Miguel was actually voted as a starter. Words don't do Miguel justice, so I will just leave these numbers to speak for him: .364 batting average, 26 homers and 85 RBIs.

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Prince Fielder

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Prince Fielder will be heading to New York but this time as a reserve for the American League. Prince is likely going to finish second behind Chris Davis in voting, but will be taken by manager Jim Leyland to represent Detroit in the big game. It wasn't a dominant first half for Prince, but most of that was because his numbers come up right after Miguel Cabrera's, and any player would feel overshadowed.

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Jhonny Peralta

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I believe Jhonny Peralta has done enough to warrant him a reserve spot in the All-Star Game. Jhonny has performed about as well as any American League Shortstop has, playing solidly with the glove and posting an above .300 batting average for almost the entire first half. It's a pretty safe bet Jim Leyland will bring him along to New York.

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Drew Smyly

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This is the "surprise" I was talking about earlier. If you aren't a Detroit Tigers fan, you may not know the name of Drew Smyly but if you are, then you know who he is and probably owe him from saving you from Phil Coke-induced heart attacks this season. Drew Smyly has been being used later and later in games and continues to thrive, posting a 2.12 ERA which is a number that hasn't been seen by a Tigers bullpen pitcher unless you add a 0. With Leyland being the manager and knowing just how valuable Drew Smyly has been, the least he could do is give this young gun the reward of going to the All-Star Game.