Boston Red Sox Rumors: Red Sox Targeting Matt Garza?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox are rumored to be targeting Chicago Cubs RHP Matt Garza.

The Red Sox are in need of a big arm in the rotation and obviously Garza fits that, but the question that needs to be asked is this: will the Red Sox win a World Series because of Garza?

Seeing as they’re in first place and none of the teams (besides the Baltimore Orioles) offer much of a strict competition, the Sox will be in the postseason and they need a pitcher. Garza knows the AL East and he knows the postseason, so it makes sense right? Well, hold that thought for a minute.

The major question is what are the Red Sox willing to give up? We all know Xander Boegarts will be wanted by the Cubs in a deal for Garza, but are the Red Sox willing to give him up?

If they look at Garza as the final piece to winning a World Series, then yes, they should give him up. If they aren’t sure, no they shouldn’t.

The Cubs are doing the right thing by asking for top value for Garza due to his high upside and postseason experience. I think someone is definitely going to bite, but I’m not sure they’ll get the top value they’re searching for.

The Red Sox are a smart organization. They’re not going to make a bad trade here, but lets just say they view Garza as an end all be all piece, this is the trade I think they’ll be forced to make due to the Cubs’ perceived asking price:

SS Xander Boegarts
OF Bryce Brentz
RHP Allen Webster
LHP Henry Owens


RHP Matt Garza
OF Nate Schierholtz 

It’s a heck of a deal for both squads and probably overpriced, but again — that’s where the Red Sox thinking of a World Series come into play. If they want to strike, they’re going to have to overpay on Garza or Cliff Lee.

If they don’t view Garza as the end-all, the kind of trade I see the Cubs potentially making is:

LHP Henry Owens
RHP Allen Webster
RHP Anthony Ranaudo
3B (OF) Garin Cecchini

The Cubs would be adding three young talented arms to a system that lacks them, and Cecchini is just a hitter that I could see winning a job in the OF one day for the Cubs. It might be selling on the low a little bit for Garza, but at the same time … they want to move him, so they might have to bite the bullet a bit.

We’ll see what happens but I anticipate the trade for Matt Garza, to anyone, will be a pretty big one.

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  • Farva55

    That would be quite a haul, just don’t see the REd Sox going that insane over Matt Garza. Could be wrong though.

  • jiminnc

    This is about the stupidest thing I have read in a long time. There are no players on the Cubs for whom the Red Sox would give up those four prospects. Garza is a slightly above average pitcher who is having a nice run right now. The Red Sox do not overpay based on a pitcher’s last 30 innings.

    • Farva55

      And you are the dumbest human being of all time. You really think the Cubs are just going to bend over and give Garza away? Idiot.

      • jiminnc

        False dichotomy: giving him away and getting 4 superb prospects for him are not the only two choices. They will get some talent for him, but not nearly as much as either of these two suggestions (yes, I can read–you’re not getting Cecchini or Bogaerts). If you want a “Herschel Walker” return on a trade, you need more than Matt Garza.

        • Farva55

          I don’t disagree on Boegarts- and really could only see him moving is if the Cubs made Castro available along with Garza.

          False dichotomy: The Red Sox would be idiotic to not trade AT LEAST Owens/Cecchini for Garza if they believed Garza would win them a WS.

          It’s highly unlikely either prospect will turn into what Garza already is. A young, talented power right hander with AL East and postseason experience.

          Not really tough to figure out. Pitching ALWAYS comes at a premium.

          • jiminnc

            Well, now you’re saying things that are not obviously crazy: trading two good prospects for a pitcher is not inconceivable, though Garza is not really that young or that exceptionally talented. But that just goes to prove that my comment on the original column was right. Two might be reasonable, but four would be unbelievably stupid. (And since the column Cecchini has gone from hitting about 370 in AA to hitting about 412 in AA.)

          • Farva55

            So- how exactly are the Red Sox supposed to get someone to push them to the WS if every prospect is untouchable because every prospect is a future HOF? You do know 90% of prospects fail or never turn out to what most think they’ll be.

            Assuming Cecchini is going to be an all star is stupid. Assuming Henry Owens will be as good as Matt Garza already is…is stupid.

            The only prospect here that I prob wouldn’t trade is Bogaerts. Everyone else? Yes please come again.

            Either way- the Red Sox are going to go conservative and that’s why they won’t win the WS.

          • jiminnc

            For someone who claimed I was unable to read you are not reading me very carefully. I’ve not said anything about anyone being untouchable or a guaranteed all-star or HOFer. Many prospects flop. But it’s also true that a lot of trade-deadline acquisitions flop. What is it about Garza that makes you think you would get a lot more than you got for Dempster last year, when he was white-hot with that scoreless streak? I know he’s better, but how much? Dempster got two prospects in the 10-20 range. If I were trading with the Red Sox I would stop dreaming about stealing top prospects and try to get four promising people from their tremendous depth in prospects-a couple of arms and a MI and a bat, mostly people Theo will know well.

          • SportsGenius705

            That was me telling you how to read. Not Farva.

          • jiminnc

            No, Farva also said “You also don’t know how to read.” Maybe you should learn how to read! And who cares how old Garza is, since he’s a free agent? And since Lester pitched well on Saturday and rookie Brandon Workman took a no-hitter into the 7th on Sunday, I’d guess the Cubs are not getting ANY of the Red Sox many fine prospects.

          • SportsGenius705

            Once again, learn how to read. I responded telling you how to read. I’ll stand by that statement.

            Regardless, I’m going to enjoy not watching the Red Sox in the world series because they didn’t pull the trigger on a top arm.

          • SportsGenius705

            Also, Matt Garza is a million times younger than Dempster. He’s also a top of the rotation guy that the Red Sox should resign. Dempster is at the end of his career. Not hard to figure out.

    • Farva55

      You also don’t know how to read. There’s 2 trades the author talked about based off how the Red Sox view Garza. You are a complete idiot.

      • SportsGenius705

        Come on Farva, we both know people don’t know how to read anymore.

    • SportsGenius705

      Learn how to read. That is all.

  • hawkny1

    In your dreams, Ski!. Here is the only deal I would offer the Cubbies….

    From Chicago…………Rizzo, Garza and Samardzija
    From Boston…………..Napoli, Lester and Buchholz

    Take it or leave it.

    • SportsGenius705


      Leave it.