Andrew Cashner Fails To Notch Strong Outing That San Diego Padres Needed

By John Raffel
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Cashner has a chance to be a good pitcher this season for the San Diego Padres.

In fact, Cashner, by some accounts, has already proven that he can be a very good pitcher. He has a 5-4 MLB record with 3.82 ERA after 19 games this season, including 14 starts. He’s allowing too many hits, nearly one per inning with 90 in 94 innings of work, but his walk total is 26 and teams are batting only .255 against him.

He’s been toiling between the majors and minors, so Cashner is definitely taking the right steps toward being an established major leaguer. He’s been showing excellent control for the most part, and has been having command of his pitches during most of his innings. He’s been a bright spot for the Padres on the mound.

But like any pitcher, he has to learn to avoid that one bad inning, like the one he sustained Friday night against the Washington Nationals. Cashner allowed five runs in the second inning and the Nationals were able to use that to hand the struggling Padres an 8-5 loss.

It was also a rare short outing for Cashner, who wound up with just two full innings in the books. His most recent starts would usually last between six and eight innings and the Padres would count upon him. San Diego has lost seven straight games and badly needed Cashner to have one of his stronger performances, but it seems like not much is going right for San Diego these days. It certainly didn’t for Cashner on Friday.

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