Paul Goldschmidt All-Star Snub Doesn’t Take Away his Breakout Season

By David Miller
Paul Goldschmidt
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

With the release of the MLB All-Star Game starters, Arizona Diamondbacks fans everywhere must have started shaking their heads or even their fists. Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto was voted in as the starter at first for the National League. Votto is a great first baseman but this year is not his year. This is Paul Goldschmidt’s year and the fact that he isn’t starting the All-Star Game is ridiculous.

I know people get to vote and all of that but there has to be some room for a guy that is breaking out as the best first baseman in the National League to start the stinking all-star game. Nothing against Votto but he hasn’t been the best first baseman this year in the NL, Goldschmidt has. Basically all Votto getting voted in means is that there were more people scrambling to vote him in than there were Goldschmidt. It has absolutely nothing to do with the skills either has shown this season and there is something wrong with that.

Either they need to fix this gap in the All-Star voting process so that breakout stars won’t be snubbed because they play in slightly lower populated markets or they need to start calling the mid-summer classic the Popular-Stars Game instead of the All-Star game. I can only hope that the NL manager will do the right thing, select Goldschmidt and give him a good bit of playing time for the year he is having. Give me a break MLB.

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