Pittsburgh Pirates Rumors: Could The Bucs Make a Run At Starlin Castro?

By gilgerard
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Several times through the 2000s, the Pittsburgh Pirates were sellers to the Chicago Cubs. 2013 sees a role reversal, however, as the Cubs are the sellers — and the Bucs could severely benefit.

With Clint Barmes being the shortstop for the Pirates, does it make sense they inquire about Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro?

Last year, I would have said Castro was untouchable. Watching him play this year? He’s a 100 percent different player and absolutely touchable. The Cubs aren’t going to dump him and have no reason too, but the Pirates would be a match for what the Cubs would want: pitching.

The Pirates have a young shortstop coming through the ranks but he’s two years away. Castro has already signed a deal that wipes out arbitration, so the Pirates would have their future right there for 10 years. Maybe hitting in a different ball park with a different lineup would serve Castro some good. Maybe winning every day would serve Castro some good. Either way, this is a fit if the clubs were to talk about it.

To get Castro, the Pirates would have to give up a few young arms — something the Pirates could afford to try and bring a title back to the city of Pittsburgh.

How about Jameson Taillon, Victor Black and Luis Heredia for Castro and Nate Schierholtz?

Taillon is obviously a prized talent, and to get a high-upside 23-year old shortstop with a ton of talent himself, the Bucs will have to give up some of their farm. Taillon would be a piece the Cubs would jump on. Heredia is an 18-year old kid with a big arm,  but at least 3-4 years away from being ready, and Black would probably go right to Chicago and pitch in the tail end of the bullpen.

The Cubs would continue adding arms to a starving system and the Pirates would be another player closer to a title.

A trade for Castro isn’t out of the question mainly due to what the Cubs could get for Matt Garza, and the Pirates are a fitting trade partner. We’ll see what happens, but I think it’s awesome the Pirates are in a buying position — outstanding for a long-struggling franchise that used to be one of the greats.

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