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5 All-Star Snubs For Boston Red Sox

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Boston Red Sox All-Star Snubs

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After the All-Star rosters are announced, every MLB fan base complains about their players that were snubbed, like Oakland A’s third baseman Josh Donaldson or Cincinnati Reds outfielder Shin-Soo Choo. Then there are complaints of players that make the roster on popularity rather than this season’s performance, like Detroit Tigers “ace” Justin Verlander or Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper.

Then there are questions over what kind of player deserves an All-Star roster spot. Should the pitching staff consist of starters and closers or is a top notch setup guy deserving of a roster spot? Is the game about winning or is it about filling the roster with the biggest stars the squad can field? How long should a guy be in the big leagues before being considered as a legitimate All-Star candidate?

While the first two questions asked above can be argued until the end of time, Jayson Stark recently brought up a great solution the third question.

In addition to the All-Star Final Vote, why not add a 35th roster spot and make it a “Rising Star” vote? There is always a handful of rookies and/or players who were not expected to be a starter coming out of spring and therefore not on the All-Star ballot, but are worthy of a fan vote.

With all the above considered, there are five Boston Red Sox that deserve to be on the All-Star roster but were not named to the team on Saturday.

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Boston Red Sox All-Star Snubs: Daniel Nava

Daniel Nava
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Plain and simple, Daniel Nava has been the most underrated Boston Red Sox player of this season. Nava has been able to step into multiple outfield positions and at first base, and has just simply performed. He has hit for average, gotten on base, and driven in runs. He gets lost in the public eye because he typically bats behind Mike Napoli and David Ortiz, which will negate quite a few RBIs, but still manages to put up numbers. Nava has simply played his way to a place where he deserves recognition.

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Boston Red Sox All-Star Snubs: Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury
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In the era we are in now where the line between sabermetrics and old school stats are becoming progressively closer to one another, how can a guy with an OBP of .365 and a MLB leading 34 stolen bases not be an All-Star? There are two reasons fans and national media overlook him. First, his injuries in 2010 & 2012 have caused Jacoby Ellsbury to fall under the radar (out of sight, out of mind). Those that still keep an eye out for Ellsbury look for the power/speed guy from his near MVP 2011 season see the lack of power and are disappointed by his numbers. Forget perception, the guy is an absolute catalyst for the Boston Red Sox and is deserving of being an All-Star.

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Boston Red Sox All-Star Snubs: John Lackey

John Lackey
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John Lackey has somehow been able to post a very sneaky ERA of 2.81 in the first half of the season. His record is just 6-5, but that is hardly the measure of a pitchers performance, but then again, no numbers truly are. Instead, just look at Lackey. No, seriously, look at him. The guy that was one of the players who infamously enjoyed fried chicken and beer in the clubhouse during the epic 2011 collapse, but now is fit and in great shape. Lackey missed the entire 2012 season due to Tommy John surgery, but stayed with the team all year to work out and it has shown thus far in 2013.

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Boston Red Sox All-Star Snubs: Jose Iglesias

Jose Iglesias
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Jose Iglesias would be the kind of guy that would benefit from Jayson Stark’s “Rising Stars” ballot. He has always had incredible defensive skills, but his bat is finally starting to play on the big league level. His slash line is destined to drop significantly due to a current BABIP of .468, but he has brought significant value to the Boston Red Sox. With his position flexibility, baserunning ability, and ability to get on base, he would fit in perfectly as an end of the roster guy.

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Boston Red Sox All-Star Snubs: Koji Uehara

Koji Uehara
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Koji Uehara is on the All-Star Final Vote, but he should have made the All-Star game’s first 33 roster spots. Uehara has had an excellent first half that has culminated in seven excellent outings, only one of which a hit was recorded, since being promoted to the closer’s role (Saturday’s blown save not included as it came after the rosters were announced). Beyond the contributions between the lines, Uehara is just fun to watch and you can tell he has been an emotional boost to the entire Boston Red Sox team.