Minnesota Twins' Justin Morneau Should be Traded

By Steven Carollo
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With the Minnesota Twins now 10 games out of first place and the All-Star break right around the corner, the Twins must trade their star first baseman Justin Morneau to a contending team.

The Twins have been a mess for a couple of years now, and they are not going to get any better if they continue in this direction.  It is time to start fresh, and I believe the Twins front office knows this.

With Morneau in his final year of his six-year, $80 million contract with the Twins organization, and with outfielder Josh Willingham needing knee surgery figuring to be out at least four to six weeks, Morneau now becomes the biggest trade piece the Twins have to offer contending teams.

The New York Yankees would be a great short-term option for Morneau, since Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira will probably miss the rest of this year.  While Morneau might not be with the Yankees long if he gets traded there, he will at least have his first chance to actually contend in the playoffs and possibly win his first World Series.

Two outside chances to land Morneau might be in the National League with the Pittsburgh Pirates or the San Francisco Giants. However, the problem is will they or can they take on Morneau’s contract for the rest of this year?   Both teams could definitely use Morneau’s services, but it’s all about the money.  The Yankees, as we all know, are not afraid to spend the dough, so I still believe they will be the primary target.

From a Twins perspective, no matter which team emerges to wanting to trade for Morneau, and there definitely will be teams interested, I would jump at any chance to unload him for prospects and draft picks in order to rebuild the franchise and get back on the winning track in a few seasons.

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