Counting Down All 10 MLB All-Star Fan Vote Campaigns: Which is the Most Creative?

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: Counting Down 10 Most Creative Candidates

Intro Creative

Just in case you aren't familiar with the picture above, it happens to be the best slogan in the history of MLB All-Star marketing. In 2006, the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs were involved in a brawl in which Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski was sucker punched by Cubs catcher Michael Barrett.

Seven years removed from the incident and we find ourselves digging through 10 more "Fan Vote" candidates and their always exciting campaigns. Back in 2006, Pierzynski was not aided by Twitter of Facebook like so many of today's All-Star hopefuls are. Nowadays, the whole race is pretty much decided via Twitter -- Thursday July 10th, fan's hashtags are counted as votes!

This year the hashtags vary, but most of them have a creative touch that make the candidate that much more appealing. For instance, the Boston Red Sox had a stroke of genius when they starting thinking about creative ways to send reliever Koji Uehara to the "Midsummer Classic." Uehara is always pumped up when he nails home a big strikeout or gets himself out of a jam, so Sox nation naturally came up with #HighFiveCiti -- this is also a play off of the site of the 2013 MLB All Star Game which is Citi Field in New York.

Boston isn't the only place where you can find some creativity, so check out the rest of the slideshow to see if your favorite player or team is doing something unique as well.

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 10 Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez No. 10
The Los Angeles Dodgers' Twitter Account

Adrian Gonzalez -- #VoteTitan. This hashtag is as lame as they come.

To be brutally honest, the Los Angeles Dodgers shouldn't even waste their time on Gonzalez's All-Star hopes. Los Angeles knows about Puigmania and so does Gonzalez as he all but waved the white flag with these comments:

"For me, personally, I want Puig to go. I'm voting for Puig...That's what the fans want to see."

Thank you, Adrian.

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 9 Freddie Freeman

No. 9 Freddie Freeman
The Excel Sports' Twitter Account

Freddie Freeman -- #VoteFreddie. This hashtag doesn't do the slugger justice, but Freeman supporters are in for a treat if they win the Excel Sports contest.

If you have ever dreamed of giving the hunky Freeman a big old hug, then now is your chance. For Freeman's sake, I hope that the winners are at least moderately good-looking folks.

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 8 Joaquin Benoit

No. 8 Joaquin Benoit
The Detroit Tigers' Twitter Accout

Joaquin Benoit -- #BackBenoit. This isn't creative, guys.

Instead, the campaign is halfhearted and sounds like it was created by a preschooler. If Detroit wants to sent seven Tigers to the All-Star Game, then they need to do better than that and get Eminem or something.

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 7 Hunter Pence

Hunter Pence No. 7
The San Francisco Giants' Twitter Account

Hunter Pence -- #VotePence. Really? No one in San Fran could think of anything better than that?

On the other hand, the San Francisco Giants' slogan is Together+Again, so what were you expecting from the reigning World Champs?

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 6 Ian Desmond

No. 6 Ian Desmond
The Washington Nationals' Twitter Account

Ian Desmond -- #DesiIn13. Finally, a little bit of creativity!

While it isn't exactly coming out of left field, the Washington Nationals showed some spark and turned in a middle-of-the-road effort when promoting Desmond. The shortstop has been impressive this year and you can argue that he deserves an All-Star nod more than anyone on this list.

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 5 David Robertson

No. 6 David Robertson
The New York Yankees' Twitter Account

David Robertson -- #HighSocksForVotes. This might be the best hashtag in the race.

Robertson has always stuck out due to his high socks, so this campaign was as simple as they come.  Mariano Rivera is leading the charge on this one as he wants a New York Yankees teammate in No. 42's All-Star Game

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 4 Koji Uehara

No. 4 Koji Uehara
The Boston Red Sox Twitter Account

Koji Uehara -- #HighFiveCiti. As mentioned in the introduction slide, Uehara is an absolute fireball when on the mound, so this hashtag fits perfectly.

Not to mention, David Ortiz  is already banking on having the Boston Red Sox reliever with these comments:

"I'm taking him [to the All-Star Game]. I'm taking him with me no matter what," said Ortiz. "That's my boy."

So -- there's that.

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 3 Yasiel Puig

No. 3 Yasiel Puig
The Los Angeles Dodgers' Twitter Account

Yasiel Puig --  #VotePuig. The hashtag is lame.

However, Vin Scully is involved in Puig's promotional video, so this campaign couldn't slip that far down the list.

A little long, but this is a great tactic that should be explored by more teams.

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 2 Scott Delabar

No. 2 Scott Delabar
The Toronto Blue Jays' Twitter Account

Steve Delabar -- #Raisingthebar. Although it might be a rip-off slogan from a certain cell phone company, Delabar's campaign is pretty creative.

Not to mention, the Toronto Blue Jays have been making shirts and forcing the likes of Jose Reyes to wear them.

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MLB All-Star Fan Vote: No. 1 Tanner Scheppers

No. 1 Tanner Scheppers
The Tanner Scheppers Twitter Account

Tanner Scheppers -- #TakeTanner. If you aren't familiar with the 1990s hit show "Full House" than you wont get the joke. However, Tanner's spiel is hilarious to anyone who is familiar with the infamous Tanner family.

In addition, the Texas Rangers are having quite the sweepstakes for anyone who votes for Scheppers. The first 25 times you vote for Tanner you get your name in a sweepstakes -- prizes include a choice of watching two live innings with Nolan Ryan, an inning in the broadcasting booth and a ride around the warning track before the game. If you're a Rangers fan who would like to chit chat with a Hall of Famer, you'd better #TakeTanner immediately!

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