New York Mets' David Wright's Rationale For 2013 Home Run Derby NL Participants Filled with Flaws

By Phil Naegely
david wright
Anthony Gruppuso – USA Today Sports

Many MLB fans are fuming right now over New York Mets’ David Wright‘s picks for the 2013 Home Run Derby.

In case you missed it, he picked Carlos GonzalezBryce Harper and Michael Cuddyer. Wright explained he chose the NL home run leader, the leading vote-getter from fans and one choice for himself. Gonzalez leads the NL in home runs, Harper was the leading vote-getter and Wright picked his lifelong friend Cuddyer. While the rationale was clearly explained, it is filled with many flaws.

The Home Run Derby shouldn’t be about choosing your best friend or who earned the most votes for the All-Star Game, but it should be choosing the best home run hitters in the respective league. Because of Wright’s foolish rationale, he snubbed Domonic Brown and Pedro Alvarez, who respectively have the second and third highest number of home runs in the National League.

Wright did no justice choosing Harper and Cuddyer. If I were in Wright’s shoes, I would go down the list of the top home run hitters, and if a player declines the invitation, I would keep going down in order.

It is shame Wright is playing favorites. Wright said Cuddyer was his “Ryder Cup pick”, but I have a news flash for Wright. While the Home Run Derby is fun and games, it is not the Ryder Cup. The best home run hitters should be participating in the derby, not your best friend.

Even worse, Harper only has 13 home runs. There are 14 players ahead of him in the home run column. It is ridiculous that Harper, tied for 15th in the National League, is on the 2013 Home Run Derby participant list.

In the end, Wright’s explanation does little to defend his Home Run Derby choices. It is unfortunate that baseball fans can’t see players like Brown, Alvarez, and Paul Goldschmidt hit long ball after long ball on national television. Wright messed up big time.

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