Detroit Tigers Taking It To The Max

By Brent Smith
Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers fans have been in their own episode of Early Edition this season. They may not have gotten the entire newspaper a day earlier like in the TV show, but they’ve known that when Max Scherzer is scheduled to pitch, the Tigers are going to win.

Scherzer is going for 14-0 to join Roger Clemens as the only pitcher to accomplish that feat in the last 27 years. He is two wins away for tying the American League record set by two guys that may even stump your grandfather. It seems like the Tigers are usually coming off of a loss when coming into a Scherzer start, but it’s okay because he represents the promise that everything is going to work out fine.

The Tigers are coming off a loss losing yesterday after a spirited comeback. After Torii Hunter hit that three-run homer, you had the feeling it was time to pronounce the Cleveland Indians dead, but Michael Brantley responded with a two-run homer to keep those pesky Indians clinging to life.

That’s why tonight’s game is so huge for both teams because if the Indians can get a split by beating Doug Fister and Scherzer, they’d find themselves just 1.5 games back and having survived another slip. But if the Tigers can grab that crucial third win in the series, it would continue to keep the Indians at bay and maintain the confidence gained.

One thing to look out for tonight are the Tigers’ bats. Scherzer is getting the best run support in the major leagues with 6.29 runs per start. It will be important to keep that run support going and build an early lead because that is when the Tigers are the most effective. Comebacks aren’t a big part of what the Tigers do; in fact, I’m pretty sure Lindsay Lohan has had more comebacks this season than the Tigers have.

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