Houston Astros Must Trade Bud Norris

Bud Norris Houston Astros

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For the Houston Astros, starting pitcher Bud Norris is their most sought-after trade asset.

Astros fans, however, are getting tired of the team trading away their best players year after year. First off, the rebuilding process is a long and painful process. The Astros are an organization that must continue to trade their assets to improve at this stage, and Norris is a big-time asset. By the time the Astros are contending, their pitching staff could be something special, and that isn’t including Norris.

They have some young studs coming through the ranks such as Jarred Cosart, Mike Foltynewicz, Asher Wojciechowski, Lance McCullers Jr., and obviously their no. 1 overall pick Mark Appel.

With the way Norris has pitched, there are many teams interested in the services of the Astros’ ace. When the Miami Marlins traded Ricky Nolasco, it only helped the the package of prospects that the Astros will get in return for Norris, whose salary is cheaper than Nolasco’s.

The Astros must cash in on their chance to improve an already-impressive farm system. GM Jeff Luhnow believes the Astros are closer to being contenders than anyone else believes, so the Astros may target quality over quantity when they make this trade.

At this point right now, there are a ton of contenders looking to make the playoffs. The NL West is an absolute crazy division and every team in that division will be buying at the trade deadline to improve their pitching staffs, especially with the Los Angeles Dodgers surging and trading for Nolasco.

The Baltimore Orioles may still be interested in trading for more starting pitchers, but certainly the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are currently the best team baseball, will look to make a run at Norris.

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  • The Whole Nine Nards

    They don’t need any more prospects. They should just continue to let the current players develop and build around Norris as their ace. Unless they get a deal they cannot pass, they shouldn’t think about trading him

    • Lee White

      I don’t know about that. He isn’t an ace on anyone else’s team. He’s been great this year, and much better than I ever expected, but I don’t believe he is a piece the Astros are going to move forward with, especially with the pitching prospects the Astros have moving forward. Norris is one of the pieces left on this current team that could bring in a nice haul of prospects.

      • The Whole Nine Nards

        Yea but at what point do you stop trading away your best players and start moving forward. He won’t be the ace on a championship team, but he can be the No. 1 until that player emerges from the farm system. They’ve been rebuilding for three years now. I don’t see them moving him unless it’s for very high profile prospects.

        • Lee White

          Many people wont believe me, but this is the last year that the Astros will be trading their best players for a long time. It’s obvious that the Astros aren’t contending this year, and keeping Norris for however long they’re going to keep him, isn’t going to help their chances to contend. When Norris gets traded, it won’t be for the “prospects” that the Marlins got for Nolasco. It’ll be a much better package of prospects. Either one extremely high profile prospects, or two good prospects that are closer to the Major League level.

  • Josh Sippie

    But they have no need to trade him. There’s no salary space worries and no need of new prospects. He’s only 28, and the Astros can legitimately compete by 2015, making him 30, still young. Plus this is his best year, it’s possible he may only get better.