Los Angeles Dodgers Need Less Focus on All-Stars; More on Diamondbacks

By David Miller
Zack Greinke
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers actually have two men in the final All-Star voting, one of which is rookie lightning rod Yasiel Puig. Just in case you have been hiding under a rock I thought I would let you in on that little secret. It is big news right now not only in Dodger country but all over MLB that the rookie could be elected to the final All-Star spot. Even his fellow balloted teammate is throwing his support behind Puig. How exciting. You know what is more exciting? The fact that they could draw within a couple of games of the Arizona Diamondbacks with a series win or sweep over the next few days is that’s what.

I’m a fan of Puig but honestly all of the All-Star hoopla should stop over the next couple of days. The Dodgers have a huge chance before them to show the DBacks who the real number one contender for the first place spot in the NL West is. They should not allow the chance to pass them by. All focus, not most but all focus should move from All-Star voting to putting boots to rear ends and completing their march towards first place in style just before the break.

Actually that would give even more attention to the All-Star race as well to see Puig and the Dodgers focus on beating their adversary than votes. I don’t think that will be a problem considering who their manager is. Don Mattingly doesn’t strike me as the type to put All-Star voting ahead of winning crucial games. It should be a playoff type atmosphere. It would be quite a treat to see the Dodgers and especially Puig up their game a notch when first place is nearly on the line.

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