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Los Angeles Dodgers’ Top 5 Trade Assets

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Los Angeles Dodgers' Top 5 Trade Assets

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are in a very rare position of strength leading up the trade deadline. They have the unique combination of quality prospects, proven veterans, and cold hard cash that a contender typically has at their disposal.

Now, it would be too easy to simply make a “Yankees West” crack and point to the incredible amount of money Dodgers ownership has been willing to spend. They will certainly be able to eat salary during this trading season, but I don’t necessarily consider that as one of the five best trading chips they have.

The Dodgers could use an upgrade at third base and help in the bullpen. They could be a surprise candidate to go after Philadelphia Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon, and could possibly put a blockbuster together to have Michael Young included in the deal.

Other third base options are Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Aramis Ramirez, or a guy that went to high school just 20 miles from Dodger Stadium in Minnesotta Twins' Trevor Plouffe.

More fits in the bullpen could be the Chicago Cubs' Kevin Gregg, Miami Marlins' Steve Cishek, or the Brewers' Francisco Rodriguez.

One thing is for sure: with the Dodgers' resurgence after the Yasiel Puig call-up, they will be major players in leading up to the trade deadline. They have assets to deal, bottomless pockets, and have proven the willingness to make the bold move.

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5. Andre Ethier

Andre Ethier
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In what will become a bit of a trend here, the Los Angeles Dodgers have incredible outfield depth. Andre Ethier is probably the easiest to move of the three big-contract Dodger outfielders. While the Dodgers will likely have to eat a good portion of the Ethier contract, he will net a much bigger haul than Carl Crawford, and would be easier to deal in the eyes of Dodger fans than parting ways with Matt Kemp.

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4. Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson
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Joc Pederson is a legit outfield prospect. The only problem is where would he play? The Dodgers' big league roster and minor league system is oozing outfield talent. Pederson is the type of prospect that could net L.A. just about any big name from a selling team leading up to the deadline.

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3. Chris Reed

Chris Reed
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When drafted 16th overall in the 2011 draft out of Stanford, Chris Reed was thought to be a guy that could really move through the minor leagues quickly, but just hasn’t performed as expected. While at Stanford, he was the team's closer, but the Dodgers have tried to turn him into a starter rather than keep him in the bullpen. He has been stuck at Double-A for a year and a half now, but a team might be willing to make a deal with the Dodgers if they think he can step right in as a key lefty reliever.

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2. Scott Van Slyke

Scott Van Slyke
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Scott Van Slyke is worthy of trading for based purely on his fantastic mustache, but he does bring some baseball value as well. He can play either corner outfield spot as well as first base, and with the Dodgers outfield currently featuring six-figure outfielders and a guy named Yasiel Puig, Van Slyke is very dispensable.

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1. International Bonus Money

International Bonus Money
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I don’t think anyone is completely sure how the international signing bonus money works, but I do know it can be a valuable trading chip. Juan Encarnacion is considered a top prospect this year, and doesn’t turn 16, the legal age to sign an international prospect, until August 9. The extra international bonus money the Los Angeles Dodgers have accumulated thus far could be a very valuable commodity come late July.