MLB Trade Deadline: Top 15 Players That Could Be On The Move

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MLB Trade Deadline: Top 15 Players that Could be on the Move

Gary A. Vasquez- USA Today Sports

It's that time of year again, where it becomes Christmas shopping for contending teams, and the day after Christmas for sellers who are willing to give anyone anything they don't want.

The Philadelphia Phillies are expected to be huge sellers at the deadline, dangling several players who could play key roles for contending teams. The organization is still trying to compete for a playoff spot, but multiple players are being rumored to go elsewhere. With players wondering each day if they will be traded, that certainly won't provide to a winning mentality on the field.

Will the New York Yankees once again be a player in the trade market? They are in contention despite the myriad of injuries they've suffered, and could look for a viable bat for an offense that is basically average this season, ranking 18th in the majors in home runs with 84.

There are also a number of veteran arms that have been rumored to be on the move this season, with more than a fair share of interested suitors around the league. The Baltimore Orioles could still be in play with despite the fact that the team just traded for Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Scott Feldman last week.

So many choices. So many possibilities. Let's dive into the top 15 players that could be shopped.

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15. Kevin Gregg

Ed Szczepanski- USA Today Sports

I don't know what to make of Gregg. Seeing his performance with the Cubs is staggering. Gregg has 15 saves with an ERA of 1.78. He will be an interesting player as the deadline nears.

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14. Ryan Howard

Charles LeClaire- USA Today Sports

Howard is on the DL right now from a knee injury, but if he is able to come off soon, he could be a very viable bat in home run-friendly stadium like the Yankees have.

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13. Jim Johnson

Anthony Gruppuso- USA Today Sports

I don't think Johnson earning his 30th save of the season Sunday against the Yankees will be good enough to keep him on the Orioles' roster if the price is right. The O's need better solutions with their starting pitching as much as they do at closer.

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12. Jake Peavy

Anthony Gruppuso- USA Today Sports

Peavy is currently on the DL with a lot of questions as to whether he will be back in time to regain value in the starting rotation. Peavy has a 6-4 record this season with an ERA of 4.30. Not great numbers, but if a team feels they can tweak him, there's a good chance he's gone.

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11. Michael Young

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

Young is 36-years old, and plenty of teams are rumored to have interest in the veteran, including the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays.

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10. Aramis Ramirez

Evan Habeeb- USA Today Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers could trade Ramirez for pitching prospects in 2014 given his down year this season. The 15-year veteran had 27 home runs last season, so it is better to trade him sooner than later.

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9. Chase Headley

Ron Chenoy- USA Today Sports

Headley has been in a bit of slump this season with the San Diego Padres by his standards, but a quality player that hit 31 home runs in 2012 certainly has the power to give a contending team a boost.

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8. Hunter Pence

Cary Edmondson- USA Today Sports

Pence is having a solid season with 13 home runs and 43 RBIs. He could once again be a good addition to another championship-caliber team like the Washington Nationals.

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7. Josh Willingham

Jesse Johnson- USA Today Sports

Left fielder Willingham has had an okay season so far in home runs with 10, and solid numbers in RBIs with 37. The Minnesota Twins could dangle him for the right price, but there isn't much of a push from the organization to trade him. At the same time, their aggressiveness can always change.

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6. Chase Utley

Charles LeClaire- USA Today Sports

Utley has been rumored in trade talks, and the Phillies don't seem to be hesitant to move him if a certain team meets their request.

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5. Jonathan Papelbon

Charles LeClaire- USA Today Sports

A lot of teams would like to acquire Papelbon. The Orioles are a team that comes to mind, as well as the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians.

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4. Adam Dunn

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

Dunn has 23 home runs this season, is tied for fourth in the majors. Don't think for a second that a team like the Yankees wouldn't value him even in a DH role. The Yankees don't have a lot to turn to right now, and if they are serious about a playoff run, Dunn is their guy.

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3. Matt Garza

Benny Sieu- USA Today Sports

Garza is trade discussions for another season. There will be suitors desperate for starting pitching such as the Angels and Orioles.

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2. Bud Norris

Gary A. Vasquez- USA Today Sports

Norris might be the most attractive starting pitcher on the market. He plays for a Houston Astros team that deals with an AL West division that has deadly bats, and nobody can argue whether he is battle-tested or not.

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1. Cliff Lee

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

Lee is starting for a Phillies team that is below .500, and with all of the players the organization is willing to deal, Lee is their best commodity. A 2.73 ERA with 10 wins and 119 strikeouts should be good enough to get any team interested.