Should New York Yankees' David Robertson Be an All-Star?

By Adam Fischer
Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi has recently commented that Yankees pitcher David Robertson should have been selected to the All-Star Team; and with the season he has had so far, it is a fair question to ask. Robertson is the Yankees’ reliable eighth-inning man and has been very good this year, setting the table for the timeless Mariano Rivera. The problem is that there are other very good pitchers that were selected instead.

First of all, setup men usually do not make the All-Star team no matter how good their stats are. They are not as recognizable as closers and don’t get the notoriety that closers get either. They might be just as important as closers, and in my eyes they are almost identical positions, but there is something special about closing a game in the ninth inning that makes it seem more clutch and important.

The next reason that Robertson is not on the team — and in my opinion actually shouldn’t be — is that he has the worst ERA out of the five relievers that were selected. The only non-closer, the Chicago White Sox right-handed reliever Jesse Crain, has a dazzling 0.74 ERA in 36.2 innings pitched this year. That is 1.49 points better than Robertson’s ERA, which is 2.23.

The only chance that Robertson has of making the team now is that Crain is not going to participate in the All-Star Game because of a right shoulder strain. This opens up a spot for another pitcher, so if Girardi gets his way, Robertson will wear pinstripes in Citi Field next Tuesday.

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