Today's Stupidest Decision of the Day is Awarded to David Wright for Not Choosing Dominic Brown for 2013 Home Run Derby

By Phil Naegely
dominic brown
Eric Habeeb – USA Today Sports

It has been made clear which NL East team third baseman David Wright hates most. Instead of choosing Philadelphia Phillies OF Dominic Brown, who is second in the National League with 23 HR, Wright chose both Bryce Harper and Michael Cuddyer over Brown.

While Cuddyer does have 15 HR this season, his 25-game hitting streak made him famous. At the same time, Harper only has 13 HR. I understand he was on the disabled list for part of the season, but he still only has hit the long-ball 13 times.

While Brown is second in the National League in home runs, he also is fifth with 62 RBI. Brown was hot for part of June and has since been consistent at the plate.

It makes no logical sense to not choose Brown for the 2013 Home Run Derby. I guess Wright is trying to send a message to Brown and the rest of the Phillies – he doesn’t like them or respect the players for having a successful season.

As a player in the National League, Wright should be picking the best home run hitters to represent the National League. Instead, he snubbed Brown of a well-deserved spot in the Home Run Derby.

Michael Cuddyer does deserve a spot in the Home Run Derby, but not over Brown. Yes Harper is a dangerous home run hitter, but his stats this season should not give him a spot in this year’s Home Run Derby.

Brown was an obvious choice for this year’s Home Run Derby, but Wright decided to play favorites and make a delusional and idiotic decision.

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