5 MLB Teams Looking to Rebuild During Trade Deadline

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Five Teams Looking To Rebuild

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The MLB trade deadline is on July 31. Teams have from now until then to decide whether they want to be buyers or sellers. Buyers are teams that think they are in the playoff hunt and need that extra piece or two to put them over the hump this season. Sellers are the exact opposite. They are out of the playoff hunt and are looking to sell some of their older talent for young assets. It appears as if it will be a sellers market this year at the deadline, as there appears to be a ton of teams still in the race. This is very good news if your favorite team is a seller.

I strongly believe that MLB front offices should be realistic when deciding to be buyers or sellers at the deadline. It may not be the most popular decision with fans, but more often than not, selling is the way to go for teams on the bubble. Trading away your older players at the deadline is one of the best ways to rebuild your team quickly. Some teams even sign guys in the offseason, hoping just to trade them away at the deadline for prospects. I do realize that selling is not popular with fans, but if your team is not a legitimate World Series contender, there is no reason to just tread water.

With this trade deadline appearing to be in huge favor of the sellers, it makes for an even bigger advantage for the teams that are smart enough to sell. Whatever assets they are willing to trade will be sought after by many different teams and they can use them against each other to bid up the prices. Here are five teams that I think are making a great decision to sell and rebuild for the future.

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Chicago Cubs

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The Chicago Cubs have been known to be sellers for a long-time. They have already traded a couple of players in Scott Feldman and Scott Hairston, both of who were signed as free-agents in the offseason. The Cubs are not even close to done. They have made no secrets about their intention to sell their older players for young assets, most preferably young pitching. Matt Garza is probably the best pitcher on the market and will almost surely get dealt. The Cubs also would like to deal Kevin Gregg, Alfonso Soriano and Dioner Navarro.

I honestly believe that the Cubs would consider trading anybody for the right price and that includes guys like Starlin Castro and Jeff Samardzija. It would take a huge package of prospects to acquire either of those guys, but I think the Cubs will listen to any offers. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer will surely continue to be very busy leading all the way up to the trade deadline. I would be shocked if the Cubs do not make another trade or two before July 31.

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Chicago White Sox

White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox appear to be another team that is ready to sell. They have struggled a ton this season and it appears that their aging roster is in serious need of a rebuild. The White Sox have had some success in recent years and that has hindered them from rebuilding this roster. They obviously could not sell last year at the deadline because they were in first place and had a legitimate shot at the playoffs. That did not work out for the White Sox and their team has fallen apart this season. I think they will look to trade guys like Alex Rios, Paul Konerko, Adam Dunn, Jake Peavy and Alexi Ramirez. The White Sox do have some nice pieces that would be intriguing for contenders. One thing is for sure, it is time to tear this team apart and start the rebuild.

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Houston Astros

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Similar to the Cubs, the Houston Astros have been seen as sellers for a while now. They are a team that very obviously has their eyes on the future. They have been stacking their farm system for a couple of years now and have some serious talent in the minors, led by shortstop Carlos Correa. I strongly believe that the Astros will look to continue to stock-pile talent at the minor league levels at the deadline. Bud Norris, Lucas Harrell and Jose Veras would all be nice additions to a contending team.

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Miami Marlins

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With one trade this offseason, Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria let it be known that the team was rebuilding. They sent Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson and others to the Toronto Blue Jays for prospects and a ton of salary relief. After that deal, Ricky Nolasco was far and away the highest paid Marlins' player, so they traded him too. I am sure that Miami would love to be sellers at the deadline, but the cupboard is starting to look bare. Placido Polanco, Juan Pierre, Justin Ruggiano and Steve Cishek are guys that the Marlins will look to move. I doubt that they will get much in exchange for these guys, but every little bit helps towards the rebuild.

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Milwaukee Brewers

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It has been a very disappointing season for the Milwaukee Brewers. They are currently in last place in the NL Central and a comeback is not looking promising. The good news for the Brewers is they have a nice young core of players that should allow them to make a quick turn around. If he can stay healthy and off of the roids, Ryan Braun is one of the best hitters in the game. Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura are proving themselves as young stars in Milwaukee. If the Brewers can use guys like Yovani Gallardo and Aramis Ramirez to trade for more young talent to surround Braun, Gomez and Segura, things might turn around quickly for the Brewers.