Detroit Tigers Find Out Chicago White Sox Still Exist

By Brent Smith
Jerry Lai- USA TODAY Sports

Remember the Chicago White Sox? The team that had been emerging as the Detroit Tigers‘ biggest rival the last few years?

Up until this point, there was just whispers and rumors that they still existed, but tonight the Tigers have confirmation that not only do they still exist, but they are somehow still in their division.

How can that be? I mean, the Tigers and White Sox have not played at all this season. How can they have played the Houston Astros seven more times than a team in their very own division in the middle of July?

Did the White Sox forget to sign up for the season late? Are they infected with some sort of tiger disease? Why would MLB keep these two passionate teams away from each other for so long? Only the MLB front office knows the answer to that, but one thing we know for sure is these teams will be quite sick of each other after this next month.

13 of the next 31 games for the Tigers will be played against these White Sox. It’s a stunning number, meaning that they will be seeing Chicago in one form or another over the next month. How can you go without calling us all these months and all of the sudden want back in our lives in such a major way, Chicago?

It will only take about six matchups for each fan base to wish they could go back to the silence that dominated the first few months because when these two match up, drama follows no matter what the records are. The Tigers know that the White Sox are in last place and struggling so mightily that they couldn’t even grab one win over the Chicago Cubs in either series, but that doesn’t mean anything when these two play.

Let’s just hope every Tigers fan has protected themselves from the biggest threat of the Chicago White Sox … Hawk Harrelson.

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