Detroit Tigers: Jhonny Peralta's All-Star Season Would Be Completely Stained With Suspension

By John Raffel

What’s been an All-Star first half of the MLB season for Detroit Tiger shortstop Jhonny Peralta could come to a tragic ending for him and the team if reports are true that Ryan BraunAlex Rodriguez, up to 20 other players, including Peralta, will be suspended by the league for using performance enhancing drugs. He’s on a list of about 20 players MLB connected to records at the Biogeneis Clinic in Miami.

It’s not for sure if/when the suspensions would take effect since they’re likely to be appealed.

What would this do to Peralta’s season? It would stain his entire season in a very unfortunate way.

Since word first came out that he was involved, Peralta has actually been hitting the ball better and it hasn’t affected his play. But when the suspensions are announced and cloud of suspicion follows himself all the way around, it’s likely to have its negative impact on Peralta. He deserved his selection to the All-Star game and deserves even more praise from Tiger fans for what he’s been able to do to help the team stay on top of the American League Central Division standings.

In his third season with the Tigers, Peralta is playing as well as anyone could expect. His batting average of .301 is well above his .267 career batting mark. His on-base and slugging percentages are .360 and .445, which are higher than his career marks of .329 and .424.

A suspension under such circumstances never comes at a good time. In Peralta’s case, it would certainly be rotten timing.


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