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Houston Astros’ Top 5 Trade Assets

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Houston Astros Rumors: Top 5 Trade Assets

Houston Astros Rumors: Top 5 Trade Assets
Troy Taormina-USA Today Sports

It seems like the Houston Astros are the worst team in baseball every season and once again, they currently hold that mark in 2013. The move to the American League hasn’t changed a beat for them except for the Los Angeles Angels, who have struggled with the worst team in baseball.

Obviously, the Astros have no chance in making the playoffs and will most likely be more than willing to dish out any key veteran pieces that a team asks for to earn future assets. They are in the rebuilding process already and will most likely not want to trade any of their talented young prospects.

The Astros rank almost last in every single hitting category and last in most of the pitching categories. They can use any young talent they can find in the trade market.

Chris Carter is one guy who they might get rid of because of his ability to hit home runs as a right-handed hitter. It seems like almost every team in the mix for a playoff spot wants to add that right-handed power hitter, and the asking price can be very high for the Astros.

No matter what happens at the deadline, we all know the Astros aren’t going out there looking for big-name players.

Here are the top five assets that the Astros have to deal at the deadline as they look to add young talent to turn their franchise around.

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5. Jose Veras

Jim Cowsert-USA Today Sports

Jose Veras has saved more than half of the games the Astros have won, but at 32 year old, the Astros would love to deal him for a young prospect. He is a nice pitcher who won’t close for a playoff team, but could be a great seventh inning guy.

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4. Erik Bedard

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The left-handed starting pitcher is 3-5 with a 4.67 ERA for the Astros this season and at 34 years of age, the Astros would love to deal for a younger pitcher. He can be a nice back-end guy for a team competing for a playoff spot.

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3. Carlos Pena

Jim Cowsert-USA Today Sports

Carlos Pena is a first baseman who can hit for power from the left side of the plate. A change of scenery could help the three-outcome hitter regroup a little as he could be a key DH for an American League team or a nice pinch hitter for any team. The Astros would love to get his contract off their books and the asking price probably wouldn’t be that high for the 35-year-old.

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2. Chris Carter

Troy Taormina-USA Today Sports

A right-handed power hitter who can hit a couple of home runs in any given game is the biggest need for most teams, and the Astros have one they can get rid of.

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1. Bud Norris

Rick Osentoski-USA Today Sports

Bud Norris is a must-trade if you are the Houston Astros. He is their best pitcher and holds a 3.22 earned run average. Any playoff team would love to add a starting pitcher of his caliber and he can be a good guy to get a couple of prospects for. He is also their highest-paid player.