Jeremy Guthrie Display Unique Skills In Surviving Rain Relay For Kansas City Royals

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Any pitcher who can survive a rain delay and still be effective is a hurler who’s going to have success. That’s why Kansas City Royals right-hander Jeremy Guthrie now has eight wins this season.

Guthrie held the New York Yankees to one run in 6.2 innings Monday in this team’s 5-1 victory.

It was a critical game for Guthrie, who hadn’t won in a month. He showed a quality that many pitchers don’t have. Kansas City was up 2-0 and then it rained. The delay was for an hour and when play resumed, Guthrie returned to the game. In many cases, managers switch their pitchers in this situation. Guthrie, who has done this before in a delay, retired five of the first six batter he faced after the delay.

His shutout ended in the seventh inning. Guthrie still was able leave the game having given his team a quality performance. That’s why he’s so valuable for KC.

His ERA of 4.12 could stand to be a little lower and that would probably mean an improvement from his 8-6 record. As the Royals, 42-44, bid to get back to the .500 mark, Guthrie showed the type of gritty effort the teams needs to make this happen. They’ve had a tough schedule and whenever a pitcher holds the Yankees to a run, that’s nothing to take lightly.

Pitching can be a grueling mental challenge most of the time. Being able to survive a rain delay is a gift not many pitchers have. Guthrie definitely has it.

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