Los Angeles Angels are Right on Track Not Planning any Big Trades

By David Miller
Mike Trout Albert Pujols
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The Major League Baseball universe is trending all over the place right now. Most of the buzz has to do with either the All-Star Game or with the trade deadline at the end of July. The trade deadline is a bigger deal because it can affect the outcome of the season depending on what deals are made or not made. While so many teams are looking to add the perfect piece to the puzzle or selling off players for future pieces of puzzles, the Los Angeles Angels are fine right where they are.

Why shouldn’t they be? Really when you think about it they aren’t exactly fine where they are which just happens to be 12.5 games out of first place. They do have all the tools though. Remember during the offseason when they were said to have the most powerful offensive team in the history of baseball or something? Well, um they don’t. It isn’t for lack of talent. What they really needed all season was for all of the great players to play the way there were capable of playing.

I guess it’s too bad you can trade for effort or execution of fundamentals. That would be a blockbuster deal for a lot of teams right now if you could. The truth of the matter for the Angels is that they are getting some big guys back from the disabled list including Jason Vargas and Tommy Hanson that will be able to help them as if they traded for a top or mid tier arm, depending on which guy you are talking about.

They couldn’t trade for more offensive production because no one in baseball has more offensive weapons than they do. I guess when you are the Angels you just sit around and wait for the legends to do their legendary work. There have been signs of late that they might be coming together which could prove very interesting down the stretch run. But they are right not to look for a trade; they already have everything anyone could need.

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