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Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Reasons Why Charlie Manuel’s Tenure May Not Make It Until Next Season

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Charlie Manuel: 5 Reasons Why The Phillies Manager May Not Make Return Next Season

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As the All-Star break is coming closer, many baseball teams will be making changes. With the trade deadline at the end of the month, teams will be looking to be improving for the playoffs or rebuilding for the future. Players will not be the only ones moving. There is a chance that managers could be moving as well. This could be true for the Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel.

Manuel is no stranger to baseball. He has been around since the 1960’s. He has been a part of the Phillies organization since 2004. He has seen a lot of players come and go during his years with the Phillies. Could his time as the Phillies' manager be coming to an end?

Manuel is in the final year of his contract. There have not been any talks yet this season about a contract renewal, and the season is halfway over. If the front office was going to re-sign Manuel it would make sense that they would have signed him already so he would not have the stress on his mind and can concentrate on winning.

Manuel is the manager with the most wins in Phillies history. His record with the team is 770-615 over nine years. He has led the Phillies to the World Series in 2009 and won the National League East four years in a row.

The Phillies have not had that kind of success lately. They have been disappointing to watch and have let everybody down. Why would Manuel be one of the ones to go if the Phillies do not start to improve? Read on to find out!

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The Phillies' Record

Phillies Record
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The Phillies have not been able to get and stay over .500 this season. They have not been able to get on a consistent winning streak. At this moment, the Phillies are in third place in the National League East. If this season ends early, it may be time to make changes as Manuel’s contract will be ending.

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Ryne Sandberg

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Ryne Sandberg joined the club this season as the third base coach. Many people have said that he was hired so he could become the manager one day. He was previously the manager of the Phillies’ Triple-A team in Lehigh Valley, the Iron Pigs. In 2011, he led the Iron pigs to a record of 80 wins and a team’s first ever playoff appearance. He won the 2011 Minor League Manger of the Year Award. Sandberg had made an impression down in the minor leagues. He is now getting to make it in the big leagues as a base coach. He could easily become a manger again soon.

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An Easy Target to Blame

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Manuel is the easiest to blame for the Phillies’ struggles. He has tried different moves such as multiple batting orders, sitting different players, etc. None of that has seemed to be click. Since Manuel had made the decisions, he gets the finger pointed at him even though it is the players who are not playing up to their potential.

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Change is Good

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Change is good. Manuel has been with the Phillies since 2004. Nine years is a long time for one team to have the same manager. The players may be getting too comfortable inside the clubhouse and not concentrating the way that they should be. The Phillies may need someone new to come in to introduce them to a new strategy. Replacing Manuel may be hard for the front office to do, but it may be something that they need to do if they want to become a winning team and playoff contenders again.

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Charlie's Age

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Manuel is getting up there in age. He is 69 and will be 70 before the 2014 season begins. He has been in the business of baseball since 1969. Instead of renewing his contract, he could have retirement on his mind.