Ryan Braun Refusing to Answer Questions Related to PEDs and Biogenesis Clinic Should Come as No Surprise

By Dan Parzych
Ryan Braun
(Benny Sleu/USA Today Sports)

Even though he continues to deny any involvement, all signs over the years have pointed to Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers being guilty of using PEDs. Braun’s name was linked to Tony Bosch and the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami along with a few other key players–including Alex Rodriguez–in the MLB and if the Brewers outfielder was really innocent, one would think he would be more cooperative during the league’s recent investigation.

Reports indicate that Braun could be suspended for failing to cooperate with Major League Baseball while they continue this investigation–which sounds like the ultimate sign of being guilty. If Braun was really innocent, he would be cooperating with investigators at all costs to help re-build his name that’s been tarnished over the last couple of years.

Instead, Braun continues to dig himself a deeper hole for refusing to cooperate during this investigation and could even be hit with the 100-game ban. More details are most likely to continue emerging over the next couple of days, but one thing is certain–the future doesn’t look good for Braun. It’s a shame to see professional athletes put good talent to waste and if these rumors surrounding Braun being involved with PEDs turn out to be true–it will be nothing but a let down to Milwaukee fans.

If Braun were smart, he would cooperate with investigators in every way possible to help clear his name, but that’s obviously far from the case–which is why the star outfielder has guilty written all over him.

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