Ryan Braun Reportedly Not Cooperating, Expected to Be Suspended

On Tuesday afternoon, a report from ESPN’s Outside the Lines, cited sources that stated that Milwaukee Brewers star left fielder Ryan Braun is not cooperating with the ongoing PED investigation related to Tony Bosch and a Biogenesis clinic in Miami.

According to the report, Braun could very well be facing a suspension for not cooperating and that action from Major League Baseball could come after the All Star break. In addition, Braun, along with New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and 20 other MLB players could be facing a ban around that time.

There is no timetable as of right now and it remains to be clear who will be suspended and for how long, but there are rumblings that Braun could be facing a 100 game ban from baseball, which would be the punishment for a second time offense, although he has never been suspended by the MLB in the past. The reasoning behind this thought process is that Braun could be simply lying about his use and that would suggest that the MLB has enough evidence to uphold a 100 game suspension.

The sources cited in the OTL report will not go into details regarding the evidence that Bosch turned over, but text, phone, e-mail and other records are expected to be included.


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  • Michaela Daniels

    just drop a lifetime ban on players that cheat. Pete Rose bets on baseball and gets a ban…these guys juice up, and it’s not big deal… no wonder baseball no longer interests me

    • Farva55

      You can’t prove he cheated. Sorry.

      • Michaela Daniels

        you know. supports of Lance Armstrong used to say the same thing… the truth will come out. if he has nothing to hide, then he would have nothing to fear in cooperating with baseball’s investigation, would he? if he is clean, why not stand up, man up, and publically exclaim, “absolutely not. i have never taken any of this junk and i will absolutely assist and cooperate in any way i can”?

        • Farva55

          Why would he admit it? They only have the word of a slimebag over the word of another slimebag. The union will fight this, and they will win. He didn’t fail another test.