Why has Nothing Happening with the Minnesota Twins on Trades?

By David Miller
Joe Mauer
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Other than releasing a guy here and designating one for assignment there, not much has been going on for the Minnesota Twins. They are one of a few teams that have some talent coming off of the disabled list so that probably factors in a little bit. Still it makes you wonder if there is something else they could do to try and make their team a little bit better.

The Twins aren’t exactly in first place but they aren’t getting creamed out of first either. Sure 11 games is  a lot of ground to cover but there are two wildcard births now and you never know which teams will slump down the stretch. Chances are if they don’t add any talent on the mound the Twins will be one of the teams that falls off the Earth in the second half.

Here is an idea though. Instead of standing on what they have and hoping Joe Mauer can find a way to hit five to six times a game and play every position, why don’t they actually try to trade for someone that might could add wins to the club? There are relief pitchers out there as well as a few starters. I like the fact that they don’t want to give up a lot more from there great system but you have to give a little bit to try and get better.

Who knows what the second half will hold but I just think it would be cool to see the Twins make one move that made everyone around baseball take notice. It would be so nice for everyone to do a double take towards the Twins front office and say, “Wow you guys are really going for it here.” I don’t think it is happening but I sure would it if it did.

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