Arizona Diamondbacks Miguel Montero Wrong to Finger-Wag Yasiel Puig

By David Miller
Miguel Montero
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

During the Tuesday night game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers there was a tiny collision at home plate. The problem with the collision was not the actual impact or even the result of the play. There was an issue with Miguel Montero giving Yasiel Puig, the runner in question, a little finger-wag after he was tagged out. That has no place in Major League Baseball anyway but it certainly was out of place between Montero and Puig.

The entire idea of a catcher giving a runner the finger-wag after he tagged him out is ridiculous. It’s more ridiculous than a master shot-blocker giving the finger-wag in a basketball game for sure. For Montero to stir up, or risk stirring up more conflict between these two teams by showing up Puig of all people with a childish little finger-wag is just embarrassing. There are other reasons he shouldn’t have done it as well.

Montero has a .219 batting average with 6 homers, 31 RBI and 28 runs scored. Puig is hitting .407 with 8 homers, 19 RBI and 26 runs scored. Montero has Puig in RBI and barely has an edge in runs scored. Now consider that Montero has 292 at-bats over 81 games played and Puig has only 135 at-bats over 34 games played. I get that Puig has a huge push behind him and that leads a more veteran player to want to show him up when he finally gets the better of him.

Hello, Puig is amazing but he has only played 34 games as of Tuesday. He is going to make a few mistakes but that doesn’t take away from the huge impact he has had. Montero’s actions only shined a light on the fact that the Dodgers had at that point won two straight over the DBacks in spite of the fact that they had won five straight coming into the Dodgers series. Oh there is one more point that makes Montero’s finger-wag embarrassing.

The play at the plate came only after a can-of-corn fly ball to straight away center field was flat dropped. Instead of one runner tagging and scoring on the play, two runs scored easily and Puig tried to be too aggressive and was thrown out by about a foot or two at the plate with a small collision. He was thrown out by a foot or two on a routine fly ball to deep center when he was standing on first base at the crack of the bat.

The play sealed the game for the Dodgers and yet, at the end of this terrible play that almost allowed two extra runs to score, Montero finger-wags? No. If anything Puig should have finger-wagged or used a line from the famous “Major League” movie series. “Look at the scoreboard, I’m doing fine.”

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