Bud Norris And Houston Astros Have A Night To Forget

By Daniel Jamieson
bud norris
Jeff Curry – USA Today Sports

Bud Norris didn’t just leave Tuesday’s night’s defeat to the St Louis Cardinals with a loss: it seems he may have also picked up an injury to his left foot.

At one point, Norris seemed to come down awkwardly on his planting foot during a pitch and roll his ankle. Coach Bo Porter left him in the game, which made some wonder as to why he would take the risk in an already-determined loss. Sprinting to first after making contact in an at-bat, he pulled up with a grimace after being thrown out.

To make matters even worse, he managed to chop a foul ball onto his own foot while at the plate.

Bud was not himself on Tuesday. He consistently left pitches up high in the strike zone, something which quite simply cannot be done against a dangerous team like the redbirds. After just three batters in the first frame, he was down 2-0 and one could tell that this was going to be a rough night for Norris and the club.

The starter was pulled in the fifth inning with seven earned runs to make way for Lucas Harrell, who was making his debut appearance from the bullpen. Harrell was brought up as a fine prospect with mean stuff, but his apparent lack of confidence is truly doing him in.

Porter obviously sees this as a temporary setback in his evolution, or else he would be on a bus to the minors. That may still be in the near future, and if he wants to keep that Houston Astros jersey, he really needs a lights-out performance, and quick.

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