Seattle Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik Has Right Stance on Trade Deadline

By David Miller
Jack Zduriencik
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners are more than ten games out of the wildcard race in the American League. They are ten games under .500 on the season and they have seven, count them seven, veteran players that will be free agents after this season. You might be calling the team’s front office yourself at this point to try and work out a trade for your sandlot baseball team. I mean the atmosphere doesn’t get any better for the MLB Trade Deadline. And yet team GM Jack Zduriencik has said that he will not be aggressive in searching for trades.

Huh? Did we just read that correctly? A MLB GM with a ton of great trade prospects that is not planning to burn up the phone lines looking for a trade? The team is already getting younger as a few rookie players have taken over starting spots already but I love the GM’s outlook on this situation. Apparently he thinks the team is capable of doing better than they have so far and doesn’t just want to go out and sell his players to the highest bidder.

I think I might have a favorite GM of baseball right now. What a great outlook on the trade deadline. Chances are Zduriencik will have at least one deal that will be too attractive for the future of the franchise to turn down. By going about it like this and not wanting to trade his players, he does several good things at once.

He gives a boost of confidence in the players on his team that their GM will not just shop them when the situation fits. He also is at the place where you know if he does agree to a trade, it will be a good one for the future of the Mariners or he wouldn’t do it. I think that is a rare and great outlook for a GM to have and every other MLB GM should model themselves after him.

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