Atlanta Braves Home Heavy Record Might Save their Season

By David Miller
Dan Uggla
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Early in the 2013 MLB season the Atlanta Braves had a magic number of 10. They not only had a 10 game winning streak but perhaps most importantly they had two 10 game road trips early. They didn’t do very well on those long trips but what it did was ensure the Braves had a home heavy record from that point on. They won’t have more than two road series back to back for the rest of the season. Considering how much they lose on the road that just might save their season.

Officially the record is 23 – 26 on the road. That might not seem terrible, and in fact it has improved some winning percentage wise, but it still ranks worst among first place teams. In fact only the Arizona Diamondbacks are in first place with a road record of less than .500 other than the Braves. It is hard to pinpoint just why they struggle so badly on the road compared to home but at this point it doesn’t matter. What matters is doing what they can to try and fix it.

Something they could pay attention to might be that some players hit much better on the road than at home. Dan Uggla and B.J. Upton fair quite a bit better on the road as a matter of fact so maybe they should be given better line-up slots for those games. It’s a thought. Nearly all five starting pitchers have a worse road ERA with Paul Maholm looking like a completely different pitcher from one to the other.

Tonight and for the few games left in the first half, the Braves will enjoy playing a series against the Cincinnati Reds at home sweet home. Who knows, it might be the difference between ending the first half on a winning trend instead of a losing streak.

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