Houston Astros: Bo Porter Continues To Be the Definition of Insanity

By Lee White
Bo Porter Houston Astros
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results. Well, maybe not, but that is insane.

First off, let me explain. I believe Bo Porter, Houston Astros manager, is the right man for the job. I believe that, and I believe he will end up doing a fine job. It is also an extremely tough job to do anything positive with what he has been given. This team is terrible, but I do believe Porter uses what he has been given the wrong way. He is continually using certain guys out of the bullpen knowing it will backfire, and it is absolutely the most frustrating thing I have ever seen on a baseball diamond.

The Astros certainly aren’t the most talented team, and everyone knows that, but they have more talent than what has been showcased thus far. One of their biggest weaknesses is the bullpen. The way Porter uses his pen, is the definition of insanity. Before General Manager Jeff Luhnow sent him down, Porter continually ran Hector Ambriz out in the late innings of close games, and Ambriz continually gave up the leads. Now that Ambriz is gone, Porter has found a new pitcher who gives up leads, and that guy is Wesley Wright.

Wright is a left handed reliever who has been a situational lefty in the past, but now, Porter is jogging him out in clutch situations, and he is giving up leads. I can’t say I’m surprised. In 43 games so far this season, Wright has a 4.43 ERA, and that doesn’t even begin to tell you his struggles. When Wright is brought in, usually a lefty is at the plate. And if that is the situation, Wright has given up a .290/.352/.419 triple slash line. To say Wright is struggling against left handed batters would be an understatement.

Another way Porter continues to define insanity is the way he uses shifts. He doesn’t implement the shift every so often but rather all the time. It doesn’t matter if a runner is in scoring position or what. Whether or not you agree with the shifts, and I do to an extent, it isn’t hard to see the shift come back and bite the Astros, and Porter, in the butt. One day he’ll learn, but so far, he is continuing to repeat the same mistakes.

The Astros’ record wouldn’t be indicative of how well he has managed, but there are many games that he has lost by his bad managing. Porter is a young manager and will have his struggles, but by repeating the same mistakes over and over again, Porter is becoming insane. Ultimately, I believe Porter will make a good manager, and the Astros chose the right man for the job.

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