Los Angeles Dodgers' Yasiel Puig Will Risk Everything If Jay-Z Becomes His Agent

By Isaac Comelli
Yasiel Puig
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers Nation reported on Twitter that Jay-Z is pursuing Yasiel Puig to become the next client of RocNation Sports. If Puig is smart, he will stay away from the rapper-turned-businessman.

Jay-Z has recently been in the news for a questionably illegal trip to Cuba and has even been linked to the conspiracy theory of the secret group known as the Illuminati. Although this suspicion probably holds no merit whatsoever, the music mogul certainly does have a shaded past.

In an Access Hollywood interview, Jay Z claimed that he was a drug dealer in his younger years and it was not just marijuana. The former minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets admitted that he sold crack, but claimed that he never used drugs. Whether or not Jay-Z is telling the truth I cannot say, but according to the Huffington Post, he did admit that he was “addicted to the danger of selling drugs.”

He also openly admits to shooting his brother with a gun as a 12-year-old, but was not charged because his brother admitted it was the his fault.

Puig does not need to put himself in the company of people with risky lifestyles and shady pasts. The clubbing and partying scene is tempting to the eye of a 22-year-old, brand-new multimillionaire. Puig can get himself into a lot of trouble if he gets involved in the wrong circles.

In fact, Puig has already gotten himself into some trouble. On April 28, Puig was arrested in Tennessee for going 97 mph in a zone with a 50 mph speed limit. Puig was there at the time playing for the Dodgers’ Double-A affiliate, the Chattanooga Lookouts. His court hearing was scheduled for May 14, but was postponed until August.

Since coming to the Dodgers, the organization has assigned Tim Bravo to be the live-in nanny who watches over Puig day and night to ensure that he stays on track. The LA Times says that Bravo and Puig have a great relationship and get along well. This is the kind of influence he needs in his life. Hopefully Puig will make the right choice and go with a more stable agent with a healthier impact.

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