Colorado Rockies Right to Label Three Players Off-Limits to Trades

By David Miller
Carlos Gonzalez
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

For a team in the situation the Colorado Rockies are in, things can become very difficult at around this time of the season. they are nearly 5 games out of first place but they have shown explosive winning ability. They aren’t sure whether or not they will stick close enough that they should go out and buy at the trade deadline or if they will fade and sell. What they have done already is make sure everyone knows that they have players that are off-limits to trades, no matter what they decide. Those players are Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki and Michael Cuddyer.

CarGo and Tulo are no brainers here. Even if the Rockies don’t win next year they should hold on to these two players. They should be wearing Rockies uniforms until their names are called in Cooperstown. I think you get my point. Cuddyer seemed like a less secure player than the other two and rumor has it that it might be possible for someone to convince them to trade him. When they say possible I think they mean you had better be ready to part with two of your top five prospects if you want him.

Most teams aren’t going to do that which makes him basically untouchable as well. This is a good move because these guys are the core of the team. I would suggest asking for a ton if anyone wants Dexter Fowler as well, not so much because of this season but the potential he clearly has within him.

This year might or might not be competitive from here on out for the Rockies and so they might or might not start selling at the deadline. Either way they will have a good chance to continue winning throughout the process as long as they hang on to these three guys. Good idea to make it clear they are untouchable.

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