Houston Astros Prospect Jarred Cosart gets Short Straw in MLB Debut

By David Miller
Jarred Cosart
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Jarred Cosart is a highly thought of right-handed pitcher in the Houston Astros organization. The label of prospect is about to be removed from Cosart’s title because he is making his MLB Debut against the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday night. That might seem like a decent pairing if the Rays weren’t the hottest team in baseball right now. They are though and that makes this debut a tough assignment for Cosart. Still the experts are very high on him. I guess we’ll see what the Rays think of him after tonight.

It could actually work to Cosart’s advantage that the Rays have won eight straight games of course. No franchise is undefeated and that means the Rays have to stop winning eventually. As with all things the more games they win in a row the more likely it is they will lose the next one. It could be that if everything works out just right that Cosart could draw the game they lose in and get all kinds of awesome credit for stopping an eight game winning streak.

Of course they also could hammer him so hard he doesn’t make it out of the third inning. Really it could go either way and the beautiful thing about baseball is that no matter which happens or if he has an in-between type outing, neither will determine how good or bad he is. We’ll have to wait for a few more starts before we can say how he looks for real. The fact that they are calling up a prospect to play might be a trend as well. It seems that Cosart, especially if he does well could be the opening of the flood gates for the Astros to add a lot of young talent over the rest of the summer.

So, how about a prediction? I think Cosart will pitch very well and will be out-dueled in respectable fashion by David Price of the Rays. Rays will win 4 – 2. Call me crazy but that is my guess, and that is all it is really; a guess. Hold me to it though, let’s see how close I get.

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