New York Yankees Made Huge Mistake in Rushing Derek Jeter Back to Lineup

By Paul Seaver
The Star Ledger-USA Today Sports

On Thursday afternoon, the New York Yankees were seemingly on top of the world — their captain, Mr. Derek Jeter was returning to the lineup and starting at the designated hitter’s spot for the first time all season.

Jeter had been sidelined all season up to that point, recovering from a fractured left ankle. In his return, Jeter began like many Yankees’ fans expected him to, legging out an infield single to start off his season off with a base hit. Jeter scored a run and then later drove in a run, but in the eighth inning he was pulled from the lineup with an apparent leg injury.

Uh oh.

An MRI revealed on Friday that Jeter suffered a quad strain in his return on Thursday and the Yankees have now stated that he will be held out throughout the weekend, which subsequently means he may have a chance to return to the lineup after next week’s All Star break.

According to Yahoo! SportsJeff Passan however, the injury could have the potential to be a bit more severe than what the team is indicating. Passan believes this injury could keep Jeter on the sideline for another 2-3 weeks and that the one week that New York is indicating would only be in a best case scenario. Maybe the Yankees just don’t want to openly admit that they rushed him back and made a mistake.

Jeter returned to the lineup on Thursday, but for what reason? A little big league work just prior to the All Star? It doesn’t make sense at all — New York made a mistake here and now they will have to play the waiting game once again with their superstar shortstop.


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