Philadelphia Phillies: Kevin Frandsen is the Secret Weapon Off the Bench

By Rebekah Milsted
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have had their offensive problems this season. Their team batting average is .259. They rank 11th in all of the MLB.

Luckily, the offense has seemed to get better over the last few games. The Phillies have won their last three series, which have been against competitive National League teams in the Atlanta BravesPittsburg Pirates and Washington NationalsKevin Frandsen is one of the  reasons for the success.

Frandsen joined the Phillies in 2012 as a utility infielder. Last season, he filled in at third base. He played 58 games. His average was .338 with 66 hits and 14 RBIs. Two of those RBIs were off of home runs.

Frandsen has continued that success this season. This time, though, the success has been off the bench. Frandsen has been doing a lot of pinch hitting for the team this season. His average is .295 and he has had 95 at bats. He has had 28 hits with three home runs. Why is he the secret weapon? Frandsen has 16 RBIs. He has been a big help to the team, especially late in games.

Frandsen was a big help in the series win last night against the Nationals. He came up as a pinch hitter in the seventh inning with one out and hit an RBI double to give the Phillies the lead which would help them win the game and become one game closer to returning to .500.

The rain canceled the Phillies tonight, but Frandsen was supposed to start at second base. Maybe he will get the start during one of the double-header games tomorrow.  He deserves a start since he had the winning hit and his bat has been hot. Frandsen is a fun player to watch and may be a key player in the future.

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