10 Surprises of the 2013 MLB All-Star Game

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10 Surprises to the 2013 MLB All-Star Game

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With the 2013 MLB All-Star game almost upon us, fans are excited to see their favorite players battle it out for their respective leagues. This year's game will be a little different, of course, because we have a new team in the American League. This is the first year that the Houston Astros will be playing on the American League side rather than the National League.

Of course, with every All-Star selection, there is scrutiny because certain players are left off the team. MLB writers and analysts devote hours to the process of letting people know who should have made the team and why.

The debate then becomes who would you replace and why would you replace him? In the same respect, just as there are snubs there are always surprises in the All-Star game line-up. Any time fans vote for the All Stars, there is going to be a certain element of popularity with the fans. Therefore, the best players don't always make the team, but the most popular do instead. Sometimes, people make the All-Star team based on last year's numbers rather than this years.

Obviously, this isn't the case for every player on the All-Star team. Chris Davis led the fan vote and he should have with the monstrous year he is putting together. Miguel Cabrera is having another stellar year and deserves to be starting at third base. I also know a case can be made for every player on the All-Star team as to why he should be there. With that being said, though, here is a list of players that surprisingly made the All-Star team.

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Justin Verlander (AL) - Pitcher

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It's hard to imagine Verlander's name making a list like this, but when you look at his numbers and his production, it's hard to say he should be pitching. Verlander has a 9-6 record this season and his ERA is the highest it's been since the 2008 season, which coincidentally is the last time he didn't make the All-Star game.

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Justin Masterson (AL) - Pitcher

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Justin Masterson has a 10-7 record for the Cleveland Indians and a 3.72 ERA. The only thing that he seems to have going for him right now is that he has three shutouts this season, which makes his ERA even more puzzling.

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Ben Zobrist (AL) - Utility

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Zobrist was named to the All-Star team despite only hitting .266 this season. He is also on pace for one of his lowest home run totals in several years and with only 48 RBIs, it makes you wonder if there wasn't another player out there that is more deserving.

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Everth Cabrera (NL) - Shortstop

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Cabrera is hitting .292, but only has 25 RBIs. With six errors in the field, he is another head-scratcher for the National League's Team.

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Yu Darvish (AL) - Pitcher

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Darvish started out really strong for the Texas Rangers with a 7 -1 record in his first nine games. His last nine games, though, he has a 1-3 record. News came out that he has been put on the DL and will be replaced on the All-Star squad, but it makes you wonder why he was on the team in the first place.

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Aroldis Chapman (NL) - Pitcher

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In 2012, Chapman was a dominating pitcher with a 1.51 ERA and 38 saves. This season, though, he hasn't been as overpowering as his ERA is 2.63 with 21 saves. This might be a case of a player making the team based on last years totals.

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Marco Scuturo (NL) - Second Base

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Scuturo is hitting .318 this season, but he only has 21 RBIs. Take into account that he also has 10 errors in 76 games and it's puzzling as to why he is on the squad.

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Travis Wood (NL) - Pitcher

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Another pitcher that makes the list as Travis Wood shows up. With an ERA of 2.69, his record is only 6-6 and in 117 innings pitched, and he only has 85 strikeouts.

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Jhonny Peralta (AL) - Shortstop

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Peralta is batting .300 for the Tigers, but has only driven in 44 RBIs.These aren't bad numbers by any stretch for the shortstop, but are they All-Star worthy numbers?

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Carlos Gomez (NL) - Outfield

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Again, Gomez has decent numbers as he is batting .299 and has 14 home runs and 9 triples. Not saying he doesn't deserve to be an All-Star, but it was a surprise to find out he was on the team.