All-Star Snub May Prove To Be Beneficial For Los Angeles Dodgers' Yasiel Puig

By Thom Tsang
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it turns out all the hubbub over Yasiel Puig not making it onto the 2013 MLB All-Star Game roster might have been all for naught.

And you know, it might just turn out to be a good thing for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Sure, it’s too bad that the electrifying outfielder will not be able to show off his skills in the Midsummer Classic, but consider the scenario if he’d actually made it through the Final Vote ballot. Do you think he would have let a lingering hip injury that occurred back on July 3 stop him from taking part in the festivities?

Given that the injury didn’t even hold the youngster back from starting every game despite hurt, I think the answer is pretty obvious there.

That might ultimately be detrimental to the Dodgers’ season, however commendable it may be that wants to play through every ailment due to him young age and relative lack of injury history. With yet another early exit in Friday’s game, it’s already looking like an escalating situation. Just ask the Washington Nationals how not holding Bryce Harper back worked out for them.

Imagine if he’d further aggravated his hip injury on a play during the All-Star game; worse, what would happen if it cause Puig to land on the DL?

Even with the Dodgers having come back to life after a disastrous start, it’s hard to imagine that they’d be able to overcome a potential loss of their young star, and this is not to mention that an injury could put all of the momentum of his remarkable debut to a grinding halt.

In fact, it might already be happening, given that he’s posted a paltry .599 OPS over the last seven days and hasn’t homered since — you guessed it — prior to July 3.

Which is to say that having the extra few days to rest their ailing outfielder might just be the best thing to happen to both the Dodgers and Puigmania.

Yes, the recognition would have been plenty nice, especially given everything that this Los Angeles team has gone through; but as it turns out, not getting it might just turn out to be the x-factor in their quest for playoff baseball.

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