Baltimore Orioles are Proof that Power Doesn’t Win Without Pitching

By David Miller
Adam Jones
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Have you lost count as to how many starters the Baltimore Orioles are sending to the 2013 MLB All-Star Game? Allow me to refresh your memory. Chris Davis, Adam Jones and J.J. Hardy are starting the game and they also have a reserve in Manny Machado as if three weren’t enough. Don’t misunderstand me; I have no problem with these guys starting the game. Quite the opposite actually, they more than deserve the honor. Especially Davis deserves it with his now 36 homers.

Those homers led the Orioles to a win on Friday night of 8 – 5 and on Saturday they, well, they lost 7 – 3. The headline says it better than I could. Davis and Jones homered but Jason Hammel struggled from the mound. Right there is your story folks. Not just for Saturday’s game but for the season. The Orioles are strong offensively and can knock the ball around with anyone in MLB but there pitching holds them back. It is due to their offense that they are where they are. Look at the Friday game for example. They scored eight runs and that’s great because the other guys scored five.

Many times wins mask problems that can keep a team from winning in the end. I hate to say it but unless the Orioles get pitching help from somewhere they probably aren’t playing into October. That pitching help can come from their minor league system, another trade or even the current staff picking up their game. Goodness knows they don’t need to pitch a ton better because the offense is going to score runs. Don’t go be Cy Young, just keep them under five runs and chances are the O’s will win much more than they lose.

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