Boston Red Sox Jose Iglesias is Showing he will Remain a MLB Player

By David Miller
Jose Iglesias
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever wondered how the media decides which player deserves a ton of attention and which one doesn’t? Shouldn’t it roughly depend, at least a little bit, on performance? If that is true then the way Yasiel Puig has been covered is perfectly fine. It is fine that is as long as players like Boston Red Sox infielder Jose Iglesias get the same amount of attention. Unfortunately we all know that as far as the media is concerned, Iglesias is nowhere near Puig.

The truth of the matter is that, while they are different players, Iglesias’ performance is most certainly nothing to be looked over and yet that is what happens in large part. Iglesias has played in a few games before this year, 35 to be exact over the last two seasons. That’s not like being his first game but really it’s not a ton as he still qualified for Rookie of the Month honors in June. I wish I could say that it would have been a tough choice between he and Puig for overall Rookie of the Month honors if they weren’t split by the American and National League but I don’t believe it would have.

That really doesn’t matter though. What matters is that he is a gold glove quality, like one of the best defensive players you will see, at shortstop. He is good enough to make the switch to third base and not look bad either. Offensively all he did was stay over the .400 batting average mark for over 165 plate appearances. He isn’t the home run threat that some third basemen are but he is a threat to score runs and run out an infield single to be sure.

I don’t like the idea of having these two guys pit against each other so I’m not doing that here. I think Puig has been great for the Dodgers and the attention he has gotten is not his fault and certainly he shouldn’t be looked down upon because the big media outlets love to do stories on him. The point here is that they should also love to write stories about the play of this young man in the first place Red Sox line-up.

Speaking of being in the line-up, he has only missed a few innings of play all year when he has been on the roster. Basically if he was on the roster, he was in the line-up somewhere. What does that tell you about him considering the Red Sox have been in first place most of the season? The media not paying as much attention to him is their bad, I suggest you take a look because he is fun to watch.

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