Bronson Arroyo's Performance Is What Cincinnati Reds Needed To Stay Confident

By John Raffel
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Bronson Arroyo has reminded reporters how urgent it is for the Cincinnati Reds to get hot or hope that other teams get cold. It’s usually more advisable to try to take care of business on your own. Relying on other teams to falter doesn’t always work.

Arroyo took that to heart with a quality performance Friday in his team’s 4-2 win over the Atlanta Braves.

The Reds, who have been trying to shake off a brief slump and enter the All-Star break with some momentum, backed the righty with a 3-0 lead in the first inning. He went from there to pitch seven excellent innings, allowing one run on three hits, walking one and fanning three. Many pitchers are fueled by an early lead since it gives them confidence, as it helps them to relax and pitch at their very best.

That’s that happened to Arroyo. The Reds actually have a quality pitching staff and have had some good performances from their stars lately. Arroyo is 8-7 with a 3.42 ERA and has had a steady season.

Arroyo’s latest performance is what they need in order to stay in the race for postseason action. Like any other pitcher, he loves the first-inning run support when he can get it, but it’s  a combination for the Reds that can’t be beat: score early and let Arroyo take over the rest of the way. After the All-Star break, the Reds will hope to get hot in a hurry and see what happens.

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