Justin Grimm's Ineffectiveness Backs Texas Rangers Up Against Wall

By Thom Tsang
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There’s little doubt about it: the Texas Rangers are better off without Justin Grimm in their starting rotation.

That is … if they had a choice in the matter, anyway. If you were wondering just what a AL West contender/favourite is doing with a starting pitcher with a 6.37/1.65 ERA/WHIP over 89 innings whose numbers don’t even look like they belong in the minors, you need to look no further than the good ol’ DL.

See, despite the fact that Grimm has been a disaster (that’s to put it nicely) in his time in the bigs, he’s actually slotted as the no. 2 pitcher in the team’s depth chart … out of four that are left. Seriously, take a look for yourself.

The Rangers, already having gone into the season with a question mark in the starting rotation (what else is new?), has a whopping seven pitchers on the DL (okay, that’s new, I guess), including ace Yu Darvish. To say that it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation in Texas these days might be an understatement, even if the holes in the ship are still quickly starting to fill it with water.

Compounding the fact that team is 5-5 over its last 10 games and are losers of their last three is that Grimm is barely doing his job as a warm body to hold the fort.

Including his latest 3.1-inning, seven-run beating at the hands of the Detroit Tigers en route to a 7-2 loss, the right-hander has now failed to pitch more than four innings in each of his last three outings, and has allowed four or more runs in five of his last eight. That he’s only 2-4 in that span is a truly a minor miracle, because he’s truly not even giving the Rangers a chance during most of his turns.

Oh, and the kicker? Grimm might be hurt too.


Normally, this would be perfectly fine news for Rangers, who shouldn’t have been sending the 24-year-old out there to continually get pounded anyway. These aren’t your regular pitching-starved contenders, though, as any time missed by even an ineffective starter will basically put the team into full-on crisis, let’s-see-if-Nolan Ryan-can-still-throw mode.

It’s a lose-lose situation for Texas, and I think it goes without saying that even with arms potentially coming back in the form of a recovering Colby Lewis (not to mention Darvish), a starter will be at the top of the team’s wishlist as the trade deadline approaches.

I’d make a Grimm pun here, but you know, that’d almost be understating just how dire the situation is for the Rangers, yes?

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