Oakland Athletics Bullpen Needs More than a Few Days Break

By David Miller
Oakland Athletics
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The goal of the Oakland Athletics to go out and win the series against the Boston Red Sox and keep a lead in the American League West didn’t get off to a great start on Friday. They had the Red Sox down but not by much. When the overtaxed bullpen came into the game and Dustin Pedroia was up, the A’s fate was sealed on that night. Of course Jon Lester is never a walk in the park.

Right now the good news for the Athletics is that they have their ace going on Sunday against a guy with an ERA over 13. The not so good news is that they need a complete game from both pitchers over the weekend because their bullpen is just spent. The four top pitchers in the A’s pen have combined for over 160 innings in the first half. That will leave anyone exhausted. Many talk about a reliever getting into over 70 games over the course of the season as being too much. These guys are on pace for over 80 games. That is definitely too much.

We are talking injury-waiting-to-happen territory right now, much less the fact that they will have a terrible time holding on to first place with a spent bullpen. The All-Star break will be like a breath of fresh air for these guys but they will need more than that. They each need an extra week on some list that won’t let them pitch.

Whatever the A’s do, be it a trade or call-up for more pitching, they need to get these guys help out there or they are throwing away the season. I’ll tell you now, they cannot expect those four guys to throw in 80 plus games and make the playoffs. They need more than a little help. Get at least two relievers in there to help them A’s. They more than deserve it at this point.

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