Washington Nationals Cannot Buy a Break Right Now

By David Miller
Bryce Harper
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Haren went to the mound on Saturday with a mission. He claimed all he needed was some rest for his inflamed shoulder and he would be fine. Well, he went out there against the Miami Marlins and backed it up like a master. He only allowed one runner into scoring position over six scoreless innings. And then the closer came in a shut the game down and, wait, no that didn’t happen. Actually Washington Nationals killer Giancarlo Stanton tied the game and the Nats went on to lose. Man, what some bad luck these guys have.

They lost 2 – 1 and the only reason they got one run was because Bryce Harper beat it out of the Marlins. He bowled over the catcher to score the run and Haren actually pitched great. They still lost. Are you kidding me? This team could catch a marble-sized break with an umbrella. They couldn’t by good luck if they all pooled their extra money once a week for a year. I guess you get the idea.

I don’t see anything that can change this around for the Nats except for actually waiting for their luck to change. They play hard but they just don’t score enough runs to have a margin for error. That leaves them susceptible for endings like the one they had on Saturday. Now once again they have themselves 7 games back in the NL East. How in the world they plan to catch the Braves or anyone by scoring one run a game is beyond me. Davey Johnson wants help on the bench. Davey, you don’t need bench help, you need batting order help.

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